Installing Recessed Lighting: How to Get it Right

Using recessed lighting is a popular way to even out the lighting in the interior. Although it's practical and economic, can lighting also adds a touch of style and elegance to the room's interior design. Installing recessed lights is not as simple as some other types of lighting (like track lights or pendant lights), yet knowing the basics can definitely help you save your time and efforts. So let's take a look at the recessed lights installation tips:

The new models of recessed lights are pre-wired and grounded to the junction box, but there are a lot of older models on the market that are not. So the installation process will be different.

How To Install a New Recessed Light Fixture with a Box

The new models of can lights are easy to install. They are installed from above the ceiling. Light fixture can be easily attached to a ceiling joist with adaptable connectors. After that you only need to add a light fixture trim to complete an installation. Remember to keep the insulation a few inches away from the case of a light fixture, as recessed lights heat up during the work process and may cause fire.

Recessed Lights
Recessed Lights

How To Install an Old Version of Recessed Light

Not every homeowner has an access from above the ceiling. In this case you'll have to use the old versions of can lights that have a possibility to be installed from below. Here are the main steps to correctly install this type of recessed lights:


  • The first step is to detect a place amid two ceiling joists. After that you can start the installation process. Make sure that the power supply of the area is totally switched off.
  • Connect the electric wires. To make this, first you should cut a hole in the ceiling. The paper template is usually included in the box with the fixture, so use it to make sure that the hole is the correct size. When the hole is ready, open the junction box and join the wires of your light fixture with the electric circuit cables. You'll see that there are white, black and green (or sometimes bare) wires, so remember to join white to white, black to black, and green to the grounding.

  • When all the wires are properly connected, you can install the light fixture into its place. First place the mounting box, then smoothly and carefully insert the light fixture into the hole. The attachment methods may vary depending on a specific make of a fixture, so use the user's manual included in the box with your particular product to do everything right.
  • After inserting and attaching the fixture socket, screw the bulb into its place. Now you can install the light's trim which will hide the uneven edges of the hole and also disperse the light produced by the recessed lighting fixture.



Tips on Lighting and Planning Basics

Tips on Lighting and Planning Basics

To start with, draw a plan of your room on a piece of graph paper. It is necessary to figure out the areas that are the best to install the lights