Large Pendant Lights: 22 Surprisingly Nice Oversized Pendants

Picking out the wrong size of a pendant light fixture is one of the most common lighting mistakes people are usually making. Well, sometimes it is not a mistake when is done on purpose.

If you'll try to closely monitor modern trends on interior design, you'll see that they are altering swiftly, and what was inappropriate yesterday is trendy and cool today. In the industry of lighting design such situations occur very often. One of the most remarkable trends today is using oversized pendant lights in the interior design. It has been considered earlier that oversized pendants are an attribute of a bad taste as they draw too much attention and bring imbalance into the room. But now everything has changed, and a lot of designers prefer to use large pendant lights to make a knockdown style statement.

The fact that large pendant lighting produces enough light to illuminate the whole room is obvious, while its decorative features are debatable. However, oversized pendants can be a focal point in the room, they draw attention and can be a marvelous decorative element when chosen wisely, especially taking into account that they are now an absolute hit in the world of interior design. Of course the best places for large pendant lights are houses and flats with high ceilings and wide airy spaces. When kitchen is combined with dining room to form the large dining area, it is often a great place for oversized pendant lights. Also big spacious living rooms are as a rule suitable for large pendant light fixtures.

According to the modern lighting design trends, such a bizarre but at the same time an inviting and stylish decorative element as large pendant lighting can become a great way to divide a spacious room into areas, each with its own charm. When used correctly, oversized pendant lights can turn common boring objects like dining table, kitchen island, coffee table into fascinating focal point of the room.

Please take a look at these creative and inspiring ideas of using large pendant lights at home:

22 Smart Ideas for Oversized Pendant Lights:

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A lovely white pendant over a table in a classic interior looks simply perfect.


This single oversized pendant light over a coffee table creates a winsome focal point.


An oversized pendant light completes the look of this stylish living room.


A pair of fabulous large pendant lights creates an artistic ambience in this oriental dining room.


A set of gorgeous industrial pendants over the dining table creates this picturesque vintage ambience in this room.


Pay attention to this glamorous oversized pendant light over a dining table. It makes this modern kitchen look cozy and inviting.


A spectacular large pendant light over a coffee table fits perfectly in this beautiful white interior.



Here is another example of an impressive oversized pendant over a coffee table in an all-white living room.


A staggering antique-looking large white pendant over a dining table is a perfect detail for this vintage interior design.


The overall theme of this room looks complete due to a pair of extraordinary vintage pendant lights over a dining table.


A pair of striking white modern oversized pendant lights add some style to this cute modern living room.


These large pendant lights over a kitchen island add life to a modern kitchen. They create a focal point of this room, while being a practical solution as well.


A breathtaking large pendant light over a dining table makes this rustic interior alive and appealing.


Antique-looking industrial pendant light is a gorgeous vintage detail that makes the overall theme of the room so distinctive.


A spectacular ultramodern chrome pendant light over a dining table is more of a decorative detail, yet it also serves as a good lighting source, especially when using dimmable LED bulbs.


Here is another great example of using modern oversized pendant light in a dining room. It looks like a work of art and can draw attention of family members and guests.


A stunning industrial pendant light makes the interior of this room look a little eclectic but at the same time very attractive.


This oversized pendant light is made in a shape of Chinese lantern. It looks a bit exotic in a Scandinavian living room, yet such design solution shows the unorthodox tastes of the owner.


This already stunning room looks even more attractive due to a large black pendant light over a dining table.


An extraordinary design of this white dining room is underlined by a fabulous large pendant lighting. The combination of white light fixture and wooden table is a proven solution for any room.


A pair of spectacular copper pendants are a fantastic focal point of this already nice room.


A set of oversized pendant lights over a dining table perfectly match the impressive theme of this gorgeous rustic kitchen. They visually divide a room into different zones, separating the cooking and dining areas.



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