6 Smart Ideas On Where to Use Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are widely used in modern homes. Pendants had always been popular as task lights, but now there is a trend to replace chandeliers with pendant lights since they are more versatile in terms of interior design.

mini pendant lights

One of the most trendy solutions is installing mini pendant lights. Mini pendants make a room look a bit conservative and restrained yet elegant and stylish. These light fixtures are perfect choice when you wish to hang lights over some objects, like countertop, table, kitchen island or bathroom sink, but at the same time prefer not to encumber this space.

Pendant light fixtures are extremely popular as task lights in different working areas. Since pendants can create bright focused light directed downwards, they are almost indispensable in spaces where the working surface must be perfectly lit. Such lights are most often used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Pendant lighting can be even used in solely decorative purposes. There are gorgeous designer pendant lights that simply look great and can become a fascinating focal point of the room even if there's no need in additional lighting. If decoration is your only goal, you can install pendant lights almost anywhere, just try to keep it within reason.

designer pendant lights

Pendant lighting looks great in the rooms where people like to get together to socialize, such as dining rooms or living rooms. When used with dimmers, they can change the ambiance in such areas, making it more official or intimate. Pendants are also good to illuminate places like reading nook.

Now let's take a closer look at the places in the house where pendant lights are used most often:


Kitchen Lighting

kitchen pendant lighting

Kitchen is one of the most popular places for pendant lighting. And the most popular use of pendants in the kitchen is over the kitchen island as a task lighting. Pendant lights provide good illumination of a working surface, and moreover make this place more attractive. They can also be hung over bar counter or breakfast table, decorating and illuminating these areas. Mini pendant lights usually fit in such places perfectly. Also mini pendants are often installed against the kitchen window.


Bathroom Vanity Lighting

bathroom vanity pendant lighting
bathroom vanity pendant lighting

There are certain rules regarding bathroom lighting, and following these rules can turn your bathroom into a functional but slightly boring place. But as soon as you hang a couple of elegant mini pendant lights over a bathroom sink, the overall interior design will be completely different. Still, you do need to stick to some rules, since bathroom should anyway remain a functional and safe place. Your pendant lights should be IP rated, and their rating will depend on how far from the water sources they are located. Usually IP44 is enough, but if you are going to hang pendant lights close to the shower, you might need the fixtures rated IP67. In any case, the more waterproof the lights, the more safe they are.

If you are going to apply a makeup or brush your hair in a place where you hang pendant lights, it is better to install additional source of light like wall sconces or lighted bathroom mirror. The light should fall directly on the face and not from above, because in that case it will cast unwanted shadows.


Dining Room Lighting

dining room pendant lighting

Pendant lights are very often installed over the dining table, whether it is located in a separate dining room or in a large dining area combined with kitchen. Dining room pendant lighting is a wonderful way to properly illuminate the table and add a touch of astonishing elegance to the whole area. Dining room pendant lighting may consist of several light fixtures in a row in case if the table is long. Read more about some rules on how to calculate the right size of dining room pendant lights before making a purchase. A very smart idea is to install dimmer switches. In this way you'll be able to change the mood in a room, making the lights bright for a formal cases or parties and dim them for a romantic dinner with your loved one.


Bedroom Lighting

bedroom pendant lighting

Hanging pendant lights in a bedroom is a fast and simple way to make this room unique and dreamy. A clever idea is to install pendants over the bed. A more bright idea is to set a row of pendant light fixtures over the headboard. This is a non-hackneyed solution, it always looks fresh and stylish. Using dimmers with bedroom lighting is highly desirable, because we usually don't need the full illumination in bedrooms, and dimming the bright light will help to create an intimate relaxed mood in the room.

Another great way to use pendant light in bedroom is to hang it over the nightstand. This clever lighting solution eliminates the need to put the table lamp on a nightstand thus providing you with more free space. This solution is off the beaten track, so it will make your bedroom lighting design look unique and appealing. It is good to use mini pendants for this purpose as they will look more balanced than the large light fixtures.


Living Room Lighting

living room pendant lighting

A spacey living room always looks better when visually divided into smaller areas. Such design technique will make a large living room more cozy. This goal can be achieved with the help of a living room pendant lighting. You can hang a single pendant light fixture over a chair or sofa in the corner to create a nice reading area, install pendant lights next to fireplace or a place where a TV set is located to make an entertainment area - designs are limited only by your imagination.


Entryway Lighting

Entryway pendant Lighting
entryway pendant lighting

Whether the apartments are big or small, there's always an entryway where we keep our keys or outerwear. Pendant lights can be successfully used in such places. There are a lot of styles and finishes of pendants on the market, so it's not too difficult to choose the one that will perfectly match the overall theme of your house.



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