8 Amazing LED Lights Facts You Didn't Know

Here are some interesting facts about LED lights that not everyone knows.


LED lighting helps to save food fresh for a long time. The scientists have made series of researches and proved the fact that when meat is illuminated with LED lighting, it contains significantly less bacteria. This happens because LED lighting doesn't emit ultraviolet rays, thus creating a perfect environment for keeping the food fresh. At the same time, natural light, as well as other types of artificial lights, do emit UV rays which reduce the quantity of nutrients in a foodstuff. For that reason the best option for kitchen lighting (and, of course, grocery stores, supermarkets and restaurants) is using LED lights. Also LED lights are now installed in modern refrigerators.


LED lights are more efficient and bright when the temperature falls. Other common types of lighting including CFLs become significantly less efficient in cold conditions. LED lights are designed so that cooling effects their brightness, so the lower the ambient temperature, the brighter and more efficient the light will be. Consequently, LED lights will be most efficient as an outdoor lighting source in winter season or in cold climate where the environmental temperature is below normal.


LED lights are more efficient when used as headlights. Of course we all get used to incandescent or halogen headlights, but their light is often insufficient when driving at night through not illuminated areas. The color temperature of LED headlights is much higher, and it helps driving safely at night. In addition, there's a high amount of blue light in LED headlights which is better for peripheral vision, making night drive even more safe.

LED headlights


The lifespan of LED lights is much longer as compared to other types of lighting. LEDs will work 50 times longer than the conventional incandescent bulbs, and up to 10 longer than CFL lights. Modern LED lights from the reputable manufacturers have 5 or even 10 years warranty.


The size of LED lights can be extremely compact. Unlike incandescent or CFL bulbs, LED lights can be very low-profile, which makes it possible to install them almost anywhere.

LED Lights LED Lights


LED lights are characterized by directional light emission. Unlike incandescent or CFL bulbs that emit lights all around them, LEDs give a possibility to direct light rays exactly where it is necessary. This makes LED bulbs even more efficient and economical.


LED lights are able to give off the maximum light immediately after turning them on. Incandescent bulbs need a certain time to warm up, and in case of CFL lights this time is even longer. That's why LED lights are great for using them as flashlights - we all can see it in our smart phones and compact cameras. LEDs are perfect for emergency illumination, they are also widely used in modern vehicles and aviation.

pendant LED lighting


LED lights don't contain any harmful substances. For example, CFL bulbs contain a noxious metal mercury that can be harmful for human health and the environment. But there are no such materials in LED lights.



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