22 Awesome Traditional Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen is very functional place, yet it is also one of the most stylish and elegant places in the house. Properly designed lighting scheme plays a great part in the overall kitchen design. Certain types of lighting, like pendants over a kitchen island or bar counter, recessed lights under cabinets or shelves, sconces on the wall or a gorgeous chandelier as a main lighting source, can have really a great effect on the general kitchen theme. Combination of different types of lighting is also very important in terms of functionality. Here are some popular time-tested styles of lighting for traditional kitchens:

Pendant lights over a kitchen island. This is a must for a traditional kitchen design (if there is an island in the kitchen, of course). You may also use track lighting system with pendant light fixtures for this purpose, but only if is made in classic style. Remember that this light is usually insufficient to illuminate the whole room, so don't neglect the other types of lighting such as under cabinet light or sconces.

Layered lighting. It is good to use layered lighting in kitchen design. It gives the room very cozy and homey feel. Pendant lights, colored lamps, wall lights, inside cabinet lights and built into the shelves lamps, all of them bring life into the kitchen interior as well as make an unforgettable impression on your guests.

If you are building a new house of just want to remodel your old kitchen in classic style, please take a look at our collection of traditional kitchen interiors. Remember that the lighting should not only be beautiful and math the room's style, it should be functional and properly illuminate all the working zones. Don't be afraid to combine different types of lighting for functionality and style.

Take a look at 22 amazing pictures of different kitchen interior designs, paying particular attention to the lighting schemes and fixtures used:


A real highlight of this kitchen is a set of black pendants with clear glass. Together with the white subway tiles and the long open shelves they give a farmhouse look to this small inviting kitchen.


Light grey is a neutral and sophisticated shade that makes this kitchen out of the ordinary. Open shelves with lighting and a small sized chandelier lend a special charm to the whole place.


If you have a gorgeous classic styled white kitchen then inside cabinet lighting is just perfect for you. A large copper chandelier is also a great option for the traditional kitchen design.


This kitchen looks fabulous with the white cabinets and the lantern pendants over the island and the countertops.


The off-white cabinets of this large farmhouse kitchen look accomplished with the inside lighting. Track lighting is often used to illuminate the working area.


This exquisite set of wall light and pendant has great aesthetic appeal as well as being quite practical.


The large custom-made linear light is the focal point of this beautiful traditional kitchen.


This kitchen owes its splendid appearance to the gorgeous dark cabinets and well-thought-out lighting scheme including recessed lights and exquisite pendants.



Antique pendant lights hanged over the kitchen island are always perfect for a classic white kitchen.


Simple solutions are always trendy: the homeowner has chosen ultra-practical recessed lights combined with cabinet lighting for this small and nice kitchen.


An attractive design of this traditional kitchen is underlined by multiple details including a handy and pretty copper pot rack with lights.


All-white kitchen always requires certain accessories to expose preferences and taste of its owner. Unusual antique pendants and spotlights can be such a distinctive feature.


Classic crystal chandelier and contemporary pendants can perfectly go together in a kitchen with neutral design.


If kitchen counter is located against the window, it's good to install mini pendants to illuminate it. Hang them at such a height that your head won't touch the lampshades.


This white and grey kitchen is lit by a moderate bronze chandelier over a table. A catching detail here is a table lamp located on an open shelve over a bench.


The owner of this minimalistic yet elegant kitchen has chosen optimal lighting options including inside and under cabinet lighting along with two black pendant lights over the counter.


This farmhouse style kitchen is decorated with gorgeous antique light fixtures.


Sometimes modern pendant lights can perfectly fit in classy traditional kitchens.


Mint glass pendant light adds color and style to this classic kitchen with white cabinets and large island.


Lovely design of this kitchen with open shelves and white subway tiles is underlined by minimalist lighting design, which incorporates recessed lighting and simple pendant light above a kitchen sink.


This fabulous small green kitchen serves up personalized style with two glass ceiling lights and a copper linear pendant light fixture.


Classic white kitchens are always in style, as well as the black antique pendant lights which can add a lot to the overall design.



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