14 brilliant retro lighting ideas for kitchen

The proper lighting is very important for person’s mood and even health. And it is even more important for kitchen. There are several reasons to say so. Along with the bathroom, it is the room where we start our day, and it is obviously vital to get energy boost before the long working day. You may not even notice, but your body will thank you for the properly lit kitchen in the morning. But you’ll need good lighting in the kitchen not only in the morning. You need to at least clearly see what you are cooking and what utensils you are using. And, of course, kitchen is always full of good memories. Sitting in the evening with a best friend or loved one, cooking some holiday meal and so on – everyone has their own wonderful moments in the kitchen. This room should be properly lit and always look great, making such moments truly unforgettable.

But lighting in the kitchen is not only about beauty. Typically, kitchens have different areas that need different types of lighting. The concept of layered lighting is very applicable for the kitchen. You normally need to illuminate your worktop, kitchen island, stove, range hood, etc. Of course, you need an ambient light and some accent light to highlight some art works, shelves, or plants. Wall lighting will add to the entire room’s décor, and under cabinet lighting is good for practicality.

Fortunately, there is a huge variety of lighting products on the market today. Finding different beautiful fixtures for the kitchen is not a problem, but stylistically organizing it is not so simple. There are many possible themes for the kitchen lighting, and one of the most beautiful and exciting is the retro theme. Surely, it should be consistent with the theme of the rest of the house, as it would be weird to have a contemporary house with a retro kitchen. But if the general theme of your home is traditional, then vintage-style kitchen lighting is exactly what you need. The best part is that the kitchen will retain its modern functionality, but will have this elusively beautiful spirit of bygone times.

Here are some exclusive ideas for the beautiful, retro-looking but modern kitchen.

Turquoise Blue

Turquoise Blue Kitchen Turquoise Blue Kitchen Turquoise Blue Kitchen

Turquoise Kitchen Lighting - compare prices

Blue is a wonderful color for kitchen, and turquoise blue is the most retro hue. Adding pendant lights with turquoise blue shades will immediately give your kitchen the desired retro charm. It is great to add some turquoise décor elements to complete the look. A turquoise tile or mosaic turquoise pattern is also a great way to complete a vintage theme.

Install Exterior Lighting Inside

A good way to add a retro touch to the kitchen is to install an exterior light fixture, such as a street lantern, inside. It is a huge trend right now, and it will definitely last for years. Painting the lantern with some bold color will make the desired effect even more astonishing, but remember to not cross the line between shocking and bad taste.

Pop of Color

Colored Kitchen Lighting Colored Kitchen Lighting

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It is good to include one or two pops of color in the design of the kitchen. Colors such as red, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, pink and even tangerine will definitely do the trick. This has always been a hallmark of the retro kitchen. A colorful wall, a kitchen island, a table with chairs and, of course, light fixtures will give the kitchen an elegant vintage feel and at the same time make it more lively and welcoming.

Milk Glass Pendant Lights

Milk Glass Pendant Lights Milk Glass Pendant Lights Milk Glass Pendant Lights

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Install milky glass pendants above the table, kitchen island or sink for a true retro feel. For older people, such lamps are familiar from childhood. This is a powerful step to turn your kitchen design into a true vintage work of art.

Old School Meeting New School

A good way to add a slight touch of timeless classic feel to the modern kitchen is to insert some retro accents into the modern kitchen décor. This makes your design a little eclectic, but if you do it right, the effect will be unique and truly amazing.

Retro Kitchen Lighting Retro Kitchen Lighting Retro Kitchen Lighting

Retro Kitchen Lighting - compare prices

This design technique usually involves the use of some retro items in the interior décor. For this, a vintage refrigerator, retro chairs, a classic bar counter are perfect. But the best effect can be achieved by installing retro lights. Combine some old school accents with retro lights, incorporate them into a modern room, and you won’t be disappointed with the result.


Retro Chandelier Retro Chandelier Retro Chandelier

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Chandelier is a-priory a classic light fixture. Of course, there are modern chandeliers on the market today, but, nevertheless, installing a chandelier as a source of overhead ambient light is a classic approach. Thus, if you have a large kitchen, install a large classic chandelier or pendant light to create the atmosphere of a real retro. The smaller the room, the smaller the chandelier should be installed, unless you prefer to play on contrasts (which is another cool designer technique).

Brass Light Fixtures

Brass Lights Brass Lights Brass Lights

Brass Lights - compare prices

You can use different styles of lighting fixtures, but with the use of matching finishes you will not compromise the integrity of the design of your kitchen. The use of the brass light fixtures gives the kitchen the desired retro effect. Complement the lights with some brass accessories to make the room look finished.

Industrial Clamp Lamp

Industrial Clamp Lamp Industrial Clamp Lamp

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This is another cool and simple way to create a vintage atmosphere in the kitchen. The industrial clamp lights fit seamlessly into the interior of the kitchen, being stylish and vintage. It is better that these lamps complement other light fixtures in the room.

Vintage Lantern-Like Kitchen Lighting

Vintage Lanterns Vintage Lanterns Vintage Lanterns

Vintage Lanterns - compare prices

Use lantern-like lighting in the kitchen for the cool retro effect. This is one of the best techniques to bring the spirit of the past into a modern kitchen. This type of lighting looks best in a brick and wooden interior. This is not the best solution for a delicate vanilla retro kitchen, though. But in combination with the modern kitchen appliances, such lighting can create a surprisingly attractive composition.

Go Pink

Pink Kitchen Lighting Pink Kitchen Lighting

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Along with the turquoise blue, pink is a color that is strongly associated with the good old days. Add some pink accents in a neutral kitchen to achieve a retro but not vulgar atmosphere. Choose pendant lights with pink lampshades, paint the wall pink, add pink stools or cabinets, but don't make the room completely pink. These pink accents give your modern kitchen a stylish vintage touch.

Invest in Antique Lighting (But Do It Wisely)

Antique Lighting Antique Lighting

Antique Lighting - compare prices

The use of the real vintage or antique light fixtures will make your kitchen absolutely unique. But remember that such a design solution requires good taste and some understanding of the antiques market. Therefore, it is better to hire a specialist who will help you if you are new to this topic. However, there are some reliable websites that sell real vintage lights, and if you have enough time, you can try to figure it out on your own. And if you manage to find some unique and beautiful vintage item at a reasonable price, you will undoubtedly be proud of the result. Your family, friends and visitors will be impressed by the truly vintage kitchen.

Eclectic Lighting

Eclectic Lighting Eclectic Lighting

Eclectic Lighting - compare prices

The combination of differently designed lamps in one room can give a spectacular effect. For example, an iron chandelier can be complimented by industrial fixtures. This is a rather complicated design method, which, if used correctly and with taste, can give an astonishing result. The combination of different styles of fixtures, especially in retro style, requires a real understanding of what you are doing and what exactly you are going to achieve. It is not a way for a beginner, but you can always hire someone to help you, or take some time to conduct your own research. It may seem overwhelming, but the result is definitely worth it.

Classic Red and White Touch

Red Lighting Red Lighting

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Red and white colors blend very well, and at the same time create a feeling of unfading classic in the kitchen. You can use the checkered white and red tiles, paint walls with red and white, combine red and white objects, create red and white décor or install red and white cabinets. This will give your kitchen a powerful vintage look, especially if you add a little black to this pattern for contrast. But it will not work well without proper lighting. Find the lighting that complements this decor and impress your guests with this incredibly elegant retro-style interior.

Vintage Industrial Lights

Vintage Industrial Lights Vintage Industrial Lights

Vintage Industrial Lights - compare prices

Industrial lights in the modern kitchen can give it a slight touch of retro feel. It works and looks great. You can find real vintage fixtures, as well as brand new items in retro style. There is one rule to buying real vintage lights: always buy extra items if possible. Such products are usually unique, and if you need to replace some of them, you will probably have trouble finding the exact same products.




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