Wall Sconces Designs And Trends

Before buying wall sconces for your home, learn more about their styles and designs. This information will definitely help you to choose the best light fixtures for your conditions.

Wall sconces come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes, but as a common rule they all are made in one of three basic design configurations. The configuration is based on the way the rays of light are directed.

Down Light

wall sconces

downlight wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

These sconces are made to direct the light rays downwards. They are usually used in large spacious rooms with the feeling of certain emptiness. Because of this way of lighting, such wall sconces can create cozy and intimate ambiance in a room.

Up Light

wall sconces

uplight wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

These light fixtures are made to direct the light upwards. Unlike the down light sconces, the up light designs are great for smaller rooms. They can make the room seem wider, more airy and spacious. This unique ability can be used almost in every room, especially in hallways, bathrooms, living and dining rooms.

Important Note. There are models of sconces on the market that can be mounted either down or up lights. But it is better to check beforehand if you will be able to install the sconce you choose in the way that you need.

Up and Down

wall sconces

up and down wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

You may find some models that can direct the light both upwards and downwards. They are good for well-balanced interiors. This design is meant to add more light and depth into an insufficiently lit room. It is often used in hallways and entryways.

There are lots of different styles of wall sconces, but basically all of them can be divided into a few main types:


modern wall sconces

modern wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

These sconces usually have a modern minimalist look, focusing on practicality and functionality rather than decorative details. Such wall sconces are usually installed in contemporary interiors, yet they can be used to add some minimalism to traditional houses. However it is better to talk to a professional interior designer or at least use some 3D modeling software before taking such a radical step.


classic wall sconces

classic wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

Use such wall sconces in traditional interiors. Such light fixtures are designed mainly for decorative purpose, they are usually chic and elegant.


transitional wall sconces transitional wall sconces

transitional wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

Between the traditional decorated sconces with loads of details and minimalistic contemporary fixtures there's a room for a transitional style that can become a clever compromise solution. The design of transitional wall sconces is still not overloaded with much ornamentation, but can easily match almost any type of interior.


rustic wall sconces

rustic wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

These sconces are designed primarily for dark interiors with distressed furniture, yet it's not a necessary condition. Actually, rustic wall sconces can be used almost in any room, just choose them wisely. Rustic sconces are great to line a corridor or to frame entryways. They create a beautiful ambient light and can even become a focal point of the room.


transitional wall sconces transitional wall sconces

transitional wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

Wall sconces made in the industrial style are great for the proper interiors. This style is trending right now, so such wall lights will be a stylish and elegant lighting solution.

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Tips on Lighting and Planning Basics

Tips on Lighting and Planning Basics

To start with, draw a plan of your room on a piece of graph paper. It is necessary to figure out the areas that are the best to install the lights