Types of Ceiling Lights: Choosing The Right One

The variety of ceiling lights in stores is really amazing. Choosing the best ceiling light fixtures for a particular room may be overwhelming, since there are so many different styles, designs, shapes and finishes on the market. And moreover, ceiling lights are made for different purposes - to create a general light, to illuminate working areas, to produce diffused ambient light - so the options are almost infinite. It is a clever idea to learn more about different types of ceiling lights to narrow down the choice.

Types of ceiling lights:


chandelier chandelier chandelier

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These beautiful and elegant ceiling light fixtures are very popular, and their popularity is remaining constant throughout the years. You may easily find either vintage sophisticated models or modern minimalistic light fixtures on the market. Chandeliers are characterized by elaborate decorative details and are usually used as a main light source in the room.

Flush mounted light fixtures

Flush mounted light Flush mounted light

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These lights are attached directly to the ceiling. There are different designs of flush mount lights, such as inverted bowls, disk-shaped lights or square light fixtures. It is easy to find the type of flush mount light matching almost any interior design.

Pendant lights

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This is a very popular and stylish type of ceiling lighting. The lighting fixture is hanging quite low, it always looks great and adds a touch of refinement and elegance to any room. There are many different designs of pendant lights on the market, and the process of choosing should be based not only on visual attractiveness, but on the functionality and effectiveness as well. Some of pendants are created for special purposes, for example to illuminate the bar counter. Such lights are attached to a straight firm track and have multiple light elements. Pendant lights are often used to light up different work areas. Depending on your particular goals and objectives you may need to look for the light fixtures with adjustable reflectors. In combination with some other light sources, pendants can become a perfect lighting solution for almost any room.

Kitchen Island Lighting

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Kitchen islands, as well as dining tables, need a proper lighting. Still, the functionality of kitchen island lighting and dining table lights can slightly differ. Kitchen island lighting must provide sufficient illumination of a work surface, while dining table lighting should not be as bright and can be more decorative than functional. Apart of this, lights for kitchen islands and dining tables have much in common: there are usually several pendants that are hung in a row to ensure the proper lighting of a work surface and provide an attractive elegant appearance of a task area. Some homeowners and designers prefer using track lighting for this purpose, yet pendant lighting is a more classic solution. The choice depends on your tastes and preferences.

Track Lighting

track lighting track lighting track lighting

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This is a modern type of lighting and it can look very stylish when used correctly. A few light heads are placed on a long track system, they can be moved and directed to different areas. There are many different styles and designs of track lighting, for example track system can be affixed right to the ceiling or be hung on different connectors. There are monorail and two-circuit monorail track systems, and the track itself can be bendable, so that the consumer will be able to bend it in a way he or she needs. The bulbs are replaceable and usually very easy to change. Read more articles on our site in Track Lighting Category to learn more about this remarkable type of ceiling lighting.

Recessed lighting

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Except of one large light fixture in the center of a room, there's often a need in the additional light sources. Recessed lights can provide such additional lighting. They are good-looking and extremely functional. Recessed lights can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and sometimes in other rooms, but remember that they have a very modern and minimalistic look and are not welcome in traditional and vintage interiors.



Lamp Shades - The Complete Guide

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The process of shopping for the perfect lamp shade for your room can be overwhelming, while knowing the main types and styles of lampshades can really narrow the choice.

Recessed Lighting Installation Tips

Recessed Lighting Installation Tips

Let's take a look at some practical ideas of using can lights in different rooms, maybe they will help you create the most stylish, contemporary and unique design.