Industrial Lamps: 25 Impressive Vintage Solutions

One of the hottest trends in lighting design now is industrial style. There are some important elements in industrial lighting that are really worth additional attention. If you are planning your interior in industrial style, a clever idea is to learn more about this type of lighting.

The size is an important factor in choosing the right industrial lamps. Even though a lot of innovative ideas, designs and materials are appearing constantly, vintage industrial lamps are becoming more and more popular. Large lights are now in demand, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, very big factory floor and table lamps, workshop wall lamps and others. It's good to use antique looking filament bulbs with the industrial lamps. Such products as Edison LED bulbs are now the most effective and good-looking light sources for industrial lamps. Close attention should be paid to the materials. Concrete, wood veneers, hand-blown glass are often used, but the most trendy material is, of course, metal. Copper, chrome, bronze, stainless steel and brass are always looking awesome together with warm vintage glow. Metal finishes are wonderful since they can fit in almost any interior design, especially considering the wide range of available options. Gorgeous table lamp in mercury silver finish will be a cool decorative element in a deluxe home interior, and copper pendant lights will perfectly complement the industrial theme in a bar or restaurant.

There are some few ways to add a touch of style to industrial lamps. One of the most stunning elements are antique filament bulbs. The lighting experts recommend using LED filament bulbs as they are energy-effective and long lasting while looking just like the antique Edison bulbs. Read more about Edison LED bulbs.

A glass lampshade is another trendy element for a stylish industrial lamp. Adding a glass lamp shade can soften the light created by the bulb and at the same time it won't hide the stylish Edison bulb.

For smaller spaces consider using cluster pendant lights instead of an oversized pendant. Cluster industrial pendants are in a big demand now, fitting perfectly in different home interiors.

Now let's take a look at some bright ideas for using industrial lamps in the interior design.

  • Try hang a group of retro pendant lights together. A single industrial pendant looks good, but a few pieces together are stunning.
  • If you are going to use some different types of vintage lights in a one large space, try to group the alike pieces together. Pay attention to similar colors, shapes and finishes, and remember about the small details.
  • Try hanging lights at different heights. Thus you can create a unique design and at the same time let each light have its own space, exposing the best features of each light fixture. This works great if you are using different pendants, for example globe and tubular LED filament bulbs.
  • Take a closer look at the space available. For a very small room the single oversized pendant can be the best choice. For moderate rooms choose the group of comparatively big pendant lights. And in extremely large spaces the large groups of lights will look best. The size of such pendants should be moderate or big.
  • If you are going to hang a group of industrial pendant lights, go with the odd numbers since even numbers are usually looking more formal. It is also better to create random groupings to complete the vintage industrial look. You can make an exception for kitchen island or dining table lighting because in this case the straight line of pendant lights is a perfect solution.
  • In case if your room has a low ceiling height, a smart idea is to hang pendants in corners.
  • Think about the overall theme of your room before buying industrial lamps. Such vintage lights look perfect in brick or wooden interiors. Also stone and metal designs are okay for industrial lamps.
  • The best places to hang industrial style lighting are lofts, open plan dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and of course converted buildings.
  • If you are planning to use industrial lamps in a bathroom, a clever idea is opt for exterior light fixtures because there is always some water and steam in bathrooms. There are many great vintage exterior lights on the market now, and all of them are made to withstand a certain degree of water exposure. In this way you can get a beautiful and waterproof retro light fixture and make your bathroom's interior really unique.
  • If you don't want to hire an electrician and start electrical works but still want to add a touch of industrial style to your room, try using industrial floor or table lamps. Choose the appropriate lamps to complement the existing theme of a room.

Here are the 25 most impressive industrial lamps ideas to change the ambience in any room:

25 Brilliant Ideas for Industrial Lighting:

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A set of gorgeous oversized industrial pendant lights is a great focal point of this beautiful classic kitchen.


A spectacular industrial table lamp with LED filament light bulb.


Another picturesque industrial table lamp with LED filament bulb.


One more example of a fabulous antique-looking table lamp. It will easily fit in any appropriate interior design.


This is a fantastic industrial tripod floor lamp. It can make the overall theme of the room look complete.


Pay attention to this set of magnificent steampunk styled table lamps with energy-efficient LED Edison bulbs.


A pair of stunning metallic industrial pendant lights over a countertop create a unique ambience in this room.



A beautiful designer industrial pendant light.


Another exquisite designer industrial pendant light in an appropriate interior.


This striking industrial pendant light will surely draw attention of your guests and visitors.


A gorgeous industrial lamp with LED light bulb.


A pair of antique-looking industrial pendants over a dining table create a unique mood in this modern kitchen. They become a nice vintage detail, bringing a touch of chic into this room.


This industrial wall lamp can be an incredible decorative element in a room with the appropriate vintage interior design.


A gorgeous antique-looking pendant over the dining table is a striking vintage detail in a modern white kitchen, making this room so distinctive and attractive.


A pair of dramatic industrial wall lights can be a great decorative detail in different interiors.


A dramatic vintage-looking wall sconce is making this room unique and extremely stylish.


This is an extraordinary industrial wall lamp. Not every homeowner will install such lamp in his or her house, yet it can really make a statement about the owner or designer.


This is a conspicuous industrial wall light with great energy-saving Edison LED bulbs.


These bronze industrial wall sconces are installed on the sides of a bathroom vanity mirror. This is not only decorative, but also a very functional solution, since these lamps will provide enough light for the different bathroom routines.


A remarkable design of this wall sconce will definitely make an impression on your guests.


A pair of these extraordinary industrial brass pendant lights make this room so picturesque and unique.


This is an example of a perfectly matched elements for an antique-looking interior. The eye-catching vintage table lamp is really a focal point in this gorgeous room.


This is a fantastic antique industrial wall lamp. It underlines the overall vintage theme of a room.


Here is a set of industrial table lamps with extraordinary design.


This vintage table lamp looks absolutely perfect. It can easily decorate almost any interior, even the modern one.



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