Floor Lamps Types and Trends

Floor lamps are one of the most simple and convenient ways to add extra illumination to any room. They can be placed almost anywhere in the room and easily moved around. When standing close to sofas, chairs or beds, they can serve as task lights. Floor lamps are not attached to some place, so they can be easily repositioned any time you need it.

There are a lot of styles, designs, sizes and finishes of floor lamps available on the market now, so you will definitely find any desired item. Still, to buy the best floor lamp among the thousands of alternatives, you should clearly understand what particular design and features you need. So if you like to learn more how to choose the perfect floor lamp for your needs, about styles, types and designs of floor lamps, read this buyer's guide below.

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First, consider the place and the purpose of a lamp you need. For example, if you are looking for a bright light which can be directed anywhere you need, than it is better to opt for a floor lamp with flexible frame and more than one single light bulb. If you need to illuminate the floor of the room, don't choose a bowl-shaped lamp since it will direct the ray of light upwards.

Figure to yourself what kind of design you need. Are you looking for a functional source of light without frills, or you need an attractive and stylish piece which can decorate the room whether the lights are turned on or off? The second option will be more expensive. The rule of thumb is to pick out the design of a floor lamp that will match the overall theme of the room.

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Think about the height of a floor lamp. This characteristic is very important, as you can easily ruin the whole interior design if choosing the wrong size of a floor lamp. Too short lamp will get lost in a spacey room with high ceiling, and too high item will look odd and hulking in a relatively small room. So take your time before buying the lamp that you like when you first see it in a store, and better check out if it will be appropriate for your apartments.

Next think about the lamp shade. Please read the article Lamp Shades - The Complete Guide to learn more about lampshades. Moreover, a floor lamp can be equipped with globe light, antique filament bulb (or Edison bulb), or reflector. Choose the best option for your needs in terms of functionality and style. Remember that the lamp shade should totally cover the bulb when a person stands near the lamp (this does not concern Edison bulb as it is a piece of design by itself).

Don't forget to consider the material of a floor lamp. The most popular materials are metal and wood. While wooden floor lamps are only appropriate for certain interior themes, metal items are much more versatile and can fit in almost any room design. The constructions of metal floor lamps are very diverse, there are many different adjustable models which are much more practical than the wooden alternatives. There are numerous combinations of metal types and finishes on the market nowadays: bronze, nickel, brushed aluminum, antique brass, stainless steel, chrome plated steel and more.

Now it's time to take a look at the main floor lamp styles that are available in stores today. This is mostly a matter of taste, still you should not forget about the functionality and effectiveness. Anyway, it's better to learn more about the styles of floor lamps to narrow the choice so as not to waste time on obviously unsuitable options.

Floor lamps styles:

Arc Floor Lamps

These amazing lamps can definitely add a touch of stylishness and charm to any room. This style is eclectic and elegant. Arch floor lamps are looking great in airy living rooms where they can be located in a reading or lounge area close to a chair or sofa. This is also a practical lighting solution. Arc floor lamps are often used with large lampshades if it blends with the interior design. You may use some unique lamp shade to make a statement, or opt for a metal stand for a glossy minimalistic look.

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps usually feature sharp edges and angles and are typically made in a regular geometric shape. They are not pretentious and can easily complement any contemporary interior. Still the wisely chosen geometric floor lamp will definitely draw attention of your guests and visitors.

Rustic Floor Lamps

Using rustic style in the interior design is very popular through the years, I would even say it's timeless. While floor lamps are not too popular for use in rustic interiors, there are still some great exceptions. For example, tripod floor lamps can look great in a rustic room when placed on the sides of a couch or couple of chairs. Choose a light bulb with soft warm yellowish glow. Rustic floor lamps will add some coziness and relaxed mood to any room. Wooden floor lamps usually look great in rustic interiors.

Classic Floor Lamps

There are lots of classic floor lamp designs for traditional homes. The right lamps can make a traditional interior look more light and comfy. A clever idea is to choose metal floor lamps with golden, nickel or bronze finishes. Cylinder, drum, empire or coolie lamp shades are always looking fantastic in classic interiors. You can place the lamp near a couch, chair or coffee table to create a welcoming reading or lounge area, with sufficient amount of lighting at that.

Console Floor Lamps

This is a very popular type of floor lamp. It consists of a single stand in a round base and a globe light or lamp shade on top. Usually console floor lamps have only one light bulb, but there are models with increased number of bulbs for brighter illumination.

Torchiere Floor Lamps

This is a French name for a tall floor lamp with wooden or metal stand. It is also called torch lamp. This type of floor lamp was first introduced in France over 400 years ago and was originally a candelabra. They usually have a build-in bowl-shaped lampshade that directs the light upwards. Torchiere lamp can be an extremely beautiful but not too practical lighting solution, and moreover it will fit only in some special interiors.

Tree Floor Lamps

When there are two or more branches on a one single stand, such lamp is called a tree floor lamp. The branches are usually adjustable, and the bulbs can be turned on and off separately, so such lamps can be a very effective lighting solution for different purposes.

Industrial Floor Lamps

Industrial style is very popular among homeowners and interior designers. Industrial floor lamps with antique-looking LED filament Edison bulbs can add a touch of retro elegance and style to a vintage room.


When chosen wisely, floor lamps can become amazing accent pieces, that can visually add height to any room because of their upward shape. You can vary the lampshade styles to complement the overall interior design, and installing the same lampshade style to the different light fixtures in a room (these can be ceiling lights, wall sconces, table or floor lamps) can create an astonishing complete look.



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