8 Selected Party Lighting Ideas for Kids

Lighting is able to create a mystical and fun ambience both indoors and outdoors. If you plan a fun party for your children, these unique and creative lighting ideas are exactly what you need:

1. Lovely Tree Decoration Lighting

String Lights String Lights

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You can turn your garden into a beautiful wonderland by wrapping LED string lights around trees. There are so many really cool designs in stores now. Use your imagination to choose the lights which will impress your child and guests. Just bear in mind that it is better to opt for LED lights instead of outdated incandescent bulbs. LEDs consume less power and are a safer option. You can find solar LED strip lights and this will reduce the energy consumption of your party to zero.

Learn more about wrapping lights around trees in this article or with the help of this infographics.

Another option for outdoor party lighting is a pre-lit tree. Such trees come in various shapes and sizes. There are also solar-powered items out there.

Pre-Lit Trees Pre-Lit Trees

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The combination of wrapped lights around actual trees and pre-lit trees is also acceptable and can create truly unique outdoor lighting for parties.

2. Flashing Balloon Lights

Flashing Balloon Lights Flashing Balloon Lights

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Flashing LED Balloon Lights can be used for numerous occasions and endless applications. This is the easiest and one of the least-expensive ways to add excitement to any kids’ party. You may easily find these beautiful pieces at your local store or online. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes, so opt for the most original and unusual ones.


3. Disco Lights and String Lights for the Proper Party Feel

There are many options for indoor party lighting. Here are some examples:

Great idea is to use spinning rainbow lights. They usually come in single- or dual-ball versions. These devices can throw colorful splashes of light on walls and children in the room. Another cool idea is to go with the portable strobe lights. Also one of the coolest party lighting ideas for the older kids is buying the disco-ready beacon lights.

To make the ambience less intense, consider mirror ball party lights. There is no need to describe the amazing effects that such light can create in a room. A relaxing atmosphere can be achieved with lava lamps or string lights, just make sure they burn steadily.

By the way, the string lights can be used both inside and outside the house, making them a truly versatile option for various events. They usually come in end-to-end plug version, so if necessary you can create a very long lighting strip from several strings. This can help in creating a unique lighting design indoors or outdoors.

Along with the lighting effects, add fog machine or bubble machine or both!

4. Consider Black Lights for Unforgettable Parties

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Black light is an alternative term for a UV lamp that produces invisible ultraviolet light. Such lamps can make different objects or liquids glow in the dark, which allows you to create an unlimited range of lighting effects, games and decorations. Needless to say, kids absolutely love these spectacular glow-in-the-dark parties. The best part is that your children will love to create these black light effects and games as much as playing them! So, along with an unforgettable party, you will have the opportunity to entertain your kid for a while. Moreover, preparation for the party will develop child's imagination and creativity.

With so many benefits, black lights are the perfect choice for any kids’ party.

We’ve collected the most exciting black light ideas for kids in a separate article, so feel free to learn more about this truly unique way to make your child’s party unforgettable.

5. Creating DIY Lanterns

DIY Lanterns DIY Lanterns

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A good way to get your children involved in party preparations is to let them make paper lanterns for themselves. This is a relatively easy task even for small children. You can find tons of printable lantern templates online for use with any available paper. Use a hole punch to create patterns. When a lantern is ready use an LED tea light to light it.

Older children can create lanterns from large tin cans. They can use a drill to make holes in these lanterns, but remember that it can only be used under parental supervision. Complete the lanterns using the same LED tea lights. Your kids will most appreciate the party they created with their own hands.

Tin DIY Lanterns Tin DIY Lanterns

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6. Glow Stick Jug Night Light

If you are going camping with your kids you’ll definitely need some kind of a night light. A fairly reasonable solution is to do it yourself or, even better, have your children involved in a production process. All you need is several empty milk or juice jugs and a number of glow sticks. You may use regular or industrial grade glow sticks for extended work time and brightness.

If you still don’t know, glow sticks are tubes filled with two liquids: hydrogen peroxide and tert-butyl alcohol. These liquids produce light when merged. Fluorescent colorants are often added to these liquids to vary the color of the resulting glow.

Adults must activate the glow sticks, after which children can be allowed to put them in bottles. Children can then fill the containers with water and tighten the bottle cap. For more fun, have the children decorate the jags with paint or markers.

7. Superhero Bat Signal

Most kids love comic books and often play superheroes. So they are guaranteed to be thrilled with a bat signal which can easily be done yourself.

First you’ll need a strong light source. This may be a flashlight, a spotlight, a big desk lamp or some other powerful light. Secondly, find a Bat logo on the Internet and create a template from a piece of cardboard. Make sure your cardboard and logo fit perfectly with the lamp opening, and then cut the logo out of a cardboard. Attach this piece of cardboard to the light source with any two-sided adhesive tape.

When your bat light is ready, let the kids turn it on and point it to a blank wall at night. You’ll be surprised how this little thing will make your children happy.

8. The Way of the Galaxy

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This is another fun and easy way to make children’s party extraordinary. As usual, getting the kids involved in a production process will make the result even more impressive for them.

Create a Galaxy Path for kids using several large cardboard boxes. Put the boxes together to create a long tunnel. After this make this tunnel a Galaxy Path using Christmas string lights. Make the small holes all over the boxes or let your kids do this for you; place the lights into the holes when they are ready. Plug the string lights into the nearest outlet and the Space Tunnel (or the Way of the Galaxy, or whatever you want to call it) is ready.

To make the tunnel more attractive and fun, give the children the task of drawing something inside the tunnel, for example, constellations, or starships, or other space objects they like. They can also make stars, planets and asteroids out of Styrofoam to make their “space flight” more “real”.

Here we showed you only a few ideas for children’s party lighting. Be creative, have fun, love your kids, and you’ll make their childhood the best time of their life.