7 Fresh Inspiring Ideas For Bedroom Lighting

It is very important to create the proper mood in a bedroom. This can hardly be done without well-thought-out bedroom lighting. Moreover, the proper lighting will definitely refine the overall room's design. So some of the creative bedroom lighting ideas will certainly come in handy.

In this article we've collected creative and inspiring bedroom lighting ideas to help you turn your bedroom into a beautiful dreamy place. Take a look at both contemporary and traditional solutions for better understanding bedroom lighting trends.

1. A clever idea is to hang pendant lights in a bedroom. They look stunning, and have some fantastic advantages over the other light sources. Hang pendants above the nightstand, and they will save you some space comparing to table lamps.

pendant lights in bedroom pendant lights in bedroom

pendant lights in bedroom (tap to enlarge)

2. Using chandelier in a bedroom is a classic lighting solution. There are many styles, shapes, sizes and designs of chandeliers available in stores today, so if you prefer such type of lighting, look for the style that will match the overall interior design.

chandelier in a bedroom (tap to enlarge)

3. One of the most magnificent types of contemporary bedroom lighting are sphere-shaped bedroom lights. These light fixtures can be attached to the walls or ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling - there are many different options available. Such lights have minimalistic yet elegant smooth look. A very stylish look is achieved when round lights are installed in plural, especially when pieces differ in size. It is better to use LED bulbs if you prefer installing numerous light fixtures in one room as these lights are energy-saving and dimmable, so they won't increase your electric bill and also won't overwhelm the room with too much light.

sphere-shaped bedroom lights sphere-shaped bedroom lights sphere-shaped bedroom lights

sphere-shaped bedroom lights (tap to enlarge)

4. Another stylish solution for bedroom lighting is using Edison LED bulbs. Hang a cluster of such bulbs above the bed and you'll achieve a unique blend of industrial style and cozy relaxing ambience.

Edison LED bulbs in bedroom Edison LED bulbs in bedroom

Edison LED bulbs in bedroom (tap to enlarge)

5. Some people prefer not to install ceiling lights in a bedroom. In this case floor lamps will be a great lighting solution for bedroom. These beautiful free standing lamps can be located anywhere in the room, produce enough light, and create a romantic ambience. Look for the floor lamps with some unique and eye-catching details as it is always good to have some fascinating focal points in a room. Try some unusual shapes or bold colors to maximize the effect.

sphere-shaped bedroom lights sphere-shaped bedroom lights sphere-shaped bedroom lights

sphere-shaped bedroom lights (tap to enlarge)

6. For the more traditional look opt for customary wall sconces and table lamps. This type of bedroom lighting is always up to date although it provides a classic look (yes, this looks like an oxymoron, but actually it's not). Many gorgeous vintage looking sconces and nightstand lamps can be easily found in various stores all over the world, and they can really transform any bedroom into a dreamy romantic place.

bedroom wall sconces bedroom wall sconces bedroom wall sconces

bedroom wall sconces (tap to enlarge)

However if you hate retro style but prefer to use wall sconces and table lamps anyway, you can find multiple modern minimalistic options on the market. Their sleek elegance will add style and charisma to any modern bedroom interior design.

table lamps in bedroom table lamps

table lamps in bedroom (tap to enlarge)

7. Another great option for modern bedroom interior is indirect lighting. This means that the lights are installed either inside, above, below or behind the furniture so that the sources of light are not visible. Indirect lighting (or hidden lighting as it is sometimes called) is the best way to create intimate and sensitive ambience, since it creates soft delicate illumination without any bright spots. Seeing only the soft glow without the source of light (any lamp or bulb) is always intriguing, so hidden lighting is always recommended by many interior designers for bedroom lighting. By the way, indirect lights can be installed behind the headboard in bedroom. In this case you probably won't need wall sconces over the headboard. If you prefer to install hidden lights in wardrobe, bookcase or under the bed, you'll definitely need sconces and/or table lamps to be added to the lighting scheme of a room.

Indirect lighting has a bunch of benefits and almost no drawbacks.

indirect bedroom lighting in bedroom indirect bedroom lighting

indirect bedroom lighting (tap to enlarge)

As mentioned above, hidden lighting is the easiest way to create fairy romantic ambience, still you can add some drama if you want to. Anyway, such light technique makes the room more beautiful and attractive in most cases. So it's a winning solution for interior design.

It is also a more healthy option, because the eye does not see a direct source of light. The glare of lighting bulbs can cause an irritating effect, while indirect lighting is soothing and calming. And at the same time it produces enough light to properly illuminate the room.

And last but not least, indirect lighting is a more economic choice. As a general rule LED or fluorescent lights are used to create hidden lighting, and these are very energy-saving options compared to common incandescent bulbs. They can significantly reduce your electricity bill, as these lights require up to 90% less power than conventional lights.

Considering all the above, you'll never lose when choosing indirect lighting for your bedroom.



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