6 Lighting Tricks To Make Small Space Feel Bigger

There are certain clever design techniques used specially for small rooms to make them feel larger than their actual size. In this article we'll try to show you the basics of such techniques.

Lighting has the greatest impact on interior design. A good designer can totally change the perception of a living space by only varying the lighting. Moreover, the lighting source shouldn't necessarily be the conventional ceiling lamp such as chandeliers, pendant or recessed lights. A smart solution may be desk and stand lamps. Place desk lamps onto coffee tables or bedside tables, and with the help of floor lamps lighten up the remaining dark corners. Add wall sconces to illuminate places for reading (above chairs or sofas) and passageways. If you are creating a lighting scheme for a kitchen, never underestimate the role of under cabinet lighting. It has not only aesthetic, but most of all practical mission by making your cooking routine much easier.

Now take a look at six basic lighting tips that can definitely help you renovate your living space, make it more stylish and contemporary, visually extend small rooms with up-to-date interior lighting solutions. Click or tap pictures to enlarge them. Feel free to share pictures on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or your blog (please don't forget to add a link to https://certified-lighting.com web site).

1. Most of interior design professionals are now choosing track lighting instead of free-standing lamps for small rooms. This type of lighting is improving each year and now is close to perfect. There are many small and beautiful lights available, they will fit in a small space much better than large tracks with huge lights. They are obviously less expensive. You can also paint walls in whitish colors, and together with good illumination this will help to visually extend any room, especially corridors and lobbies. For modern, stylish yet versatile interior design combine track lighting fixtures with wall lights.

2. A very popular and obvious way of small room decorating is hanging mirrors on white (or off-white) and well illuminated walls. This is simple and inexpensive technique used by designers for years. Go with up-to-date ceiling light fixtures directed to the walls together with bright wall lights. Glossy surfaces, glass items and mirrors reflect the light, making the room look larger than it is.

3. To change the room's size visually, use such techniques as varying the amount and direction of light, reflected from walls, ceiling and floor, and its brightness. A very popular solution for small space lighting design is recessed lighting. To add beautiful accents to your design and make small areas look larger, use ceiling light fixtures combined with modern wall lights and floor lamps that provide recessed lighting.

4. Another way to visually extend the small room is directing the light to the ceiling using contemporary track lighting together with floor lamps and wall lights. White-colored, well illuminated bright ceiling always makes the room seem more spacious.


5. Up-to-date ceiling lighting fixtures, which can easily be found in local hardware stores and online, make it possible to direct the light beam to the walls of a corridor or hallway at different angles. Adjusting the angle correctly can widen these narrow spaces and make them more attractive and friendly-looking.

6. It is not recommended to use the conventional ceiling lights placed along the middle line of the room in case if you need to make a narrow and long space look more airy and wide. This wrong solution will only make this room even more long and narrow. To rectify the situation, place lights along one of the walls in a straight line. Add some wall lights, and you'll see how this will transform the whole look of this area.



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