17 unique and creative bedside lighting ideas

People often don’t try too hard to plan bedroom lighting. Someone might think that this is not very important compared to kitchen, bathroom or living room lighting. This is a common mistake and we don’t recommend you to make it. It is in the bedroom that we rest and relax after (and before) the busy day outside. This is why bedroom lighting should be carefully thought out.

Recent studies say that bedside lighting directly affects our mood and well-being, more than any other element like bedroom décor or bed linen. Properly planned lighting will provide you with a calming and relaxing effect that gives you a boost of energy the next business day, while improper lighting scheme can make you feel tired and depressed.

The color of light, its brightness and direction play a huge role in a human well-being and effectiveness. Never neglect the importance of bedside lighting and plan it wisely. Use this article as a guide to create a beautiful and effective lighting scheme. We tried to accumulate the most creative bedroom lighting trends paying special attention to the latest scientific research on human mood and well-being. And, of course, all these ideas are aimed at making the bedroom beautiful and elegant.

Opt for Pendant Lights

Pendant lights or chandelier can be a great solution for ceiling bedroom lighting, especially if you have a large bedroom with a high ceiling. This light fixture will provide the room with general overhead lighting, as well as improve the overall interior design. Some types of pendants or chandeliers will also make a good style statement, but remember to rely on a good taste and a little restraint while choosing this light fixture. It is easy to cross the line and buy an overly pretentious item that will ruin your décor rather then add elegance and style.

Choose the chandelier or pendant lights for your bedroom wisely and it will help you create a dramatic and magnificent atmosphere and at the same time get rid of multiple plugged-in lamps with a bunch of wires that clutter up the room.

Consider a Bubble Chandelier for Overhead Lighting

One of the top-of-the-line products for bedroom ceiling lighting is a bubble chandelier. This is a modern item that will work best in a contemporary design scheme. This fixture consists of several frosted glass bubbles with LED lights inside. It looks gorgeous and gives the room enough light for any purpose.

Think About Orbit Chandelier

Orbit Chandelier Orbit Chandelier

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This type of chandelier is becoming increasingly popular these days. It is inspired by space themes and is ideal for the contemporary-themed bedroom. Such light fixture is creative and functional, giving ample light for any room. The orbit chandelier is looking great on its own without the need to add other decor elements. It attracts attention and definitely makes a statement.

Choose Table Lamps

Table Lamp Table Lamp

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Choosing the right table lamp is important because they create a reading light and also can really add to any bedroom décor. Since a table lamp is located on a bedside table or a nightstand, you must determine the height of a lighting source: it should be at the shoulder level of a person sitting on a bed. Table lamps are usually relatively small, so they won’t overload the room with bright light or create unwanted shadows. In addition to the obvious functionality, a table lamp can be a pleasant element in the overall design of the room, delivering, for example, a touch of contrasting color or texture.

Double Up Your Light Source

But what to do if a table lamp on your bedside table is the choice of design rather than functionality? Adding the wall light next to a headboard will solve the problem perfectly. It will add enough light to read or surf the Internet from your phone before sleep.

Use Several Light Fixtures

Installing several lighting fixtures in a bedroom might seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised knowing how often people don’t bother to do this. For the proper lighting scheme always install different light sources in your bedroom. Chandelier or pendant light will be a good source of general lighting. Wall sconces and table lamps work best as a reading light. Dimmed accent lights will also look great and add a touch of sophistication and style to any bedroom.

Choose a Proper Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp Floor Lamp

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If your bedroom is large enough, consider choosing a floor lamp. This can be a perfect way to add another light source for creating a layered lighting scheme. Remember that the floor lamp can be as mighty statement as a chandelier; on the other hand there are floor lamps that can be almost inconspicuous. You’ll need to decide what role is best for a floor lamp in the design of your bedroom, and choose the specific fixture based on this.

One of the most intriguing and bold design solutions is to use two floor lamps instead of the table lamps on the sides of your bed. This will allow you to free up more space on the bedside table, while making the room visually taller and wider.

The minimalist lighting design

This is a beautiful yet functional way to illuminate the bedroom for those who prefer minimalist design solutions in the interior. This will work best for the modern room décor. A combination of LED strip lights and the recessed lights with the minimalist table or floor lamps can create a visually free and light atmosphere for a modern home.

Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting Cove Lighting

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Cove lighting can create a mysterious ambience because it is hidden, and all you see is just the contour of the objects that it highlights. Bedroom is the best place for this design scheme because it is one of the most relaxing and at the same time functional types of lighting. It produces enough light while being soft and diffused.

We recommend using cove lighting to outline some uncommon design elements of your bedroom. It can be an alcove, or a recessed ceiling, or simply a headboard. You can place some work of art or a plant into the alcove and highlight it with cove lighting.

String Lights

String Lights String Lights

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The use of string lights in a bedroom is not the latest design idea, but still relevant. The design options for this type of lighting are endless. Just remember to use modern LED lights since they are much more energy-effective and durable than the obsolete incandescent bulbs. If you like the appearance of the old incandescent bulbs, than search for the LED bulbs that mimic them – there are many interesting options on the market today. LED string lights can match both traditional and modern design solutions.

Industrial Lamps

The use of the industrial lamps in the interior design became popular a few years ago, and it seems that this trend will flourish and grow. Industrial lamps work best with modern or retro-futuristic bedroom themes. Be careful with this lighting solution, because the improper use of these lamps can make a room look ridiculous rather than cool.

Wall Sconces

Sconces are a great way to complement the overall interior design and at the same time free some space. Placing sconces on the walls on the sides of the bed will create a feel of symmetry, which, as you know, has a positive effect on human perception. The variety of these fixtures is literally endless. You can find sconces to match modern or traditional design, the glamorous bedroom or rustic countryside setting. They can work independently, or be an addition to the table lamps.

It is not necessary to use sconces in pairs. One sconce above the bedside table or the head of the bed can also look great. If you plan to put an armchair into the bedroom, installing a sconce over it as a source of reading light is also a good idea.

Small Pendant Lights

The use of several small pendant lights for the overhead lighting is another trend in bedroom design. These light fixtures look best in a contemporary industrial design scheme. Mini pendant lights are sometimes used in luxury hotels and fancy restaurants, so why not make your home just as beautiful and elegant?

Rustic Lamp

If you prefer a traditional countryside theme, go with rustic lamps. These beautiful fixtures equipped with warm LED light bulbs can certainly be an elegant and sometimes romantic addition to the appropriate bedroom lighting scheme. Rustic table lamp looks best in a small bedroom, while rustic floor lamps are best suited for a large room with ample free space.

Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Vintage Lighting Vintage Lighting

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There are many vintage lighting fixtures sold in different online stores and marketplaces. You can find both brand new items in retro style, and real vintage or antique fixtures. Sometimes buying real vintage lights can be even more cost-saving than buying new products, and at the same time you’ll get a real unique item with its own history. On the other hand, finding an old fixture in a good condition and suitable for your particular interior design can be a daunting task that requires a lot of time and effort. So it’s up to you which path to take. Retro-style items sold on Amazon can also be a fantastic solution for your vintage bedroom. You can easily find vintage style chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and sconces in the market these days.

Hang the Lights in an Unusual Place

Bedroom Lighting Bedroom Lighting

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Hanging lights in an unusual place is a relatively new design solution, and we can definitely recommend it. But it is better to first make a designer project of the room to see if this approach is acceptable.

You can try hanging a chandelier or a pendant light in the reading nook, leaving the center of the ceiling uncluttered. This will divide your bedroom into several zones, so try to use them correctly. Complete the lighting scheme with a floor lamp or several, add sconces, and, if appropriate, some LED cove lights or string lights.

Consider a Non-Traditional Chandelier

The choice of chandeliers in the online venues and local stores is almost unlimited, so there is no need to stick to traditional lighting fixtures. Use your imagination, take time and do market research, and you will certainly find a non-traditional unique chandelier for your bedroom design. Again, try to not choose too pretentious item unless you are completely sure what exactly you are doing.