12 Brilliant Black Light Games Ideas for Children's Party

Here are some great ideas on how to create games for kids using black lights. What we call black light is an UV-lamp emitting ultraviolet light and almost no visible light. This allows you to create a fluorescent effect in the dark. Needless to say, children of all ages love this effect so it would be wise to use black light for kids' games and parties. There are many games and activities that will delight your children not only by playing, but by making preparations too! Children can be surprisingly creative, so give them some of the ideas from this article and the result will be amazing.

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How to prepare the area for the black light party

First decide on where the party will take place �" indoors or outdoors. It is better that guests are surrounded by sources of a black light. The light must also cover the whole area for a better effect. The best solution is to shop for the special black light party kits which contain a set of black light strips. The manufacturer usually mark the area be covered by the kit, so make sure you get enough kits to cover yours. Of course you may find black light incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes, but given that there are too many other preparations for any party, buying a kit will make setting up the site for black light as easy as possible.

Create a Glowing Jelly

Believe me, your kids will be very excited to eat a glowing jelly. All you have to do is replace ordinary water with a tonic. Tonic water contains quinine, which causes this glow under ultraviolet radiation. Just remember that quinine also causes a bitter taste that can be tasted in the finished product. To avoid this, use half regular water and half tonic water to make your glowing jelly.


Neon Face Painting Game

Neon Face Paint

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Use a large mirror or several for this game. Hang them on the walls with command double-sided adhesive tape. We recommend buying a quality tape which can be then easily removed from the walls without causing any damage. Buy some face painting kits and let your children do the rest. Again, go with the quality ones for an obvious reason: the paint is applied directly to the skin of the child.

Create a Glowing Mentos and Tonic Fountain

It is better to perform this trick outside the house, otherwise you'll end up cleaning the entire room including the walls and ceiling.

You may have already seen the viral video of Mentos and soda fountain on the Internet. In our case, just use tonic water instead of regular soda. As we mentioned earlier, tonic water contains quinine which can glow under the black light.

You need to follow some simple steps to create the best fountain. First remove the label from the bottle so that the entire bottle glows in the dark. Then put the Mentos candies in a cardboard tube so that they can quickly fall out of it into the bottle. The trick is to put all the candies in the bottle as quickly as possible, which cannot be done with their original packaging. Tighten the cap and and wait a while until Mentos dissolves. Then open the bottle and amaze the kids with a luminous fountain!

Glow in the dark Dodgeball game

This one is a conventional dodgeball game but played under the black light. Buy some neon dodge balls or any neon soft balls so that they will glow in the dark. Children should wear clothing that glows when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This game is also called Nuclear Dodgeball. Your children and their guests will have so much fun trying to hit each other with the "radioactive" balls!

Black Light Game of Twister

This is the common Twister game, but it is played under black light. In this way it becomes a very fun and exciting glow party game. All you have to do is paint a Twister mat in neon colors or, better yet, let the children do it for you. The easiest way is to simply paint their existing Twister mat in neon colors and you won't even need to buy a new one. When finished, the mat will look fantastic under the ultraviolet radiation. This is an extremely easy yet effective way to entertain children at a party.

Black Light Pass the Parcel Game

Turn the common ‘Pass the Parcel' game into an extraordinary experience adding a glow-in-the-dark effect to it. First pick a prize that some kid will win. It can be a toy or some interesting item. A terrific idea is to choose the one that glows under black light. Secondly, take several pieces of neon paper in different colors. Wrap your prize in these pieces of paper layer by layer but don't let the children know how much layers you made. Turn on some music and have the children pass the package around. Stop the music at some point. The child with the parcel should remove one layer of the parcel. Then turn on the music and stop it again. Repeat until one of the kids unfolds the last layer and wins the prize. This is a fun game in itself, but with black light it will become truly unforgettable for children.

Dance Party in the Black Light

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When you are young, you can tirelessly dance all night long. So simply set up the neon dance floor and let the children have their fun.

To make a dance floor really looking good, use some neon duct tape. You may find it at your local hardware store or in various online marketplaces. Let your kids and their guests put on their favorite glow-in-the-dark clothes. Create a playlist with your children's favorite songs and start the party!

Making Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Ice Balls

Freezing the water in a spherical mold will create the appearance of a Crystal Ball that your children will surely enjoy. Yet the best part is that there are a few ways to make these ‘crystal balls' glow under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, which can bring a truly amazing effect to any children's holiday.

First you need to find a spherical mold for making ice balls. You can easily find them on Amazon or other online marketplaces. You can also use different materials at hand like bowls or melon ballers, just remember to choose wooden, plastic or metal objects. Never use the glass items like wine glass since they will break when ice freezes.

Secondly, you need special water that will glow under the black light when it freezes. The most common way is to freeze tonic water instead of the regular one. It will glow blue when exposed to an ultraviolet radiation. The best part is that such a glowing crystal ball is safe to eat. Another way is to extract some ink from a fluorescent marker and add it into the water before freezing. This will allow you to make multicolored ice balls. The obvious drawback is that such balls are not recommended for consumption. And in any case, use only non-toxic pens (you can find the non-toxic sign on the packaging).

By the way, you can make glowing-un-the-dark ice balls or snowballs even without black light. Add some luminous paint to the water before freezing, or to the snow before making snowballs. Expose the finished product to a bright light for a while and then go into the dark area. You'll get beautiful glowing ice crystal balls or snowballs to play with children.

Glowing Secret Agents Games

This is the easiest game for parents but it's surely very exciting for children. Buy multicolored pens with invisible ink. They are invisible under the normal light and glow when exposed to the ultraviolet radiation. The rest is up to kids and their imagination. They can team up and write secret messages to team members, they can create a spy club with secret access codes and so on �" the options are limited only by fantasy.

Glow-in-the-Dark Star Wars Piñata

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First you need to buy a Star Wars-themed piñata that will glow under the black light. If you cannot find a glowing item, buy a usual Star Wars piñata and paint it fully or partially with neon paint or a marker. Secondly, buy a lot of toys or candies that will glow under the ultraviolet light to fill the piñata. Various online stores, such as Amazon, Wallmart or others, will definitely help you in this task. Thirdly, make the ‘light sabers' out of wooden sticks wrapped in a neon paper. Make sure the paper is firmly fixed. You can play the Jedi Master, and the children will become young Padawans (of course, this is not necessary �" if they want to ‘be' Luke Skywalker or Rey, just let them). Put the blindfold on the children one by one and tell them to ‘use the force' to break the piñata and get the prize and and the title of best Jedi.

Black Light Glowing Art Studio

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This is another simple yet creative black light party idea. Make glow-in-the-dark art workshops in a common room or garden. Buy a lot of colored neon paper and a set (or several) of neon markers. Alternatively, buy some canvas and neon paints, but keep in mind that this will obviously be more expensive. Let the kids draw whatever they want. They will quickly discover that drawing with the neon paint or markers on neon paper in the dark is much more fun than ordinary painting. Let them be creative to the max!

Another fun idea is to let the kids paint each other's arms, legs or even faces! Remember that their t-shirts are likely to be painted as well, so you may have to throw them away after the party. A good idea is to buy usual cheap white t-shirts specifically for this event.