9 Amazing ideas for outdoor party lighting

It is a pure pleasure to arrange a magnificent party outdoors. Cold drinks and wonderful music together with warm breeze blowing create unforgettable summer moments. However, the party should go on even when the sun goes down as long as you still have some vitality to carry on the fun. Luckily we've done some research and are now ready to share with you some effective ideas of landscape lighting which will certainly help you gorgeously light up any garden or terrace.

Glow-In-The-Dark Plant Pots

garden lighting Glow-In-The-Dark Plant Pots
Glow-In-The-Dark Plant Pots

This is one more clever idea to add an amazing decorative element to your garden lighting. Your guests will definitely like this! Buy a few plant pots, paint them with fluorescent dyes and place these painted pots along the pathways in dark corners of your backyard. You can also paint stones, stumps, and any other suitable objects. Thus you will avoid any dead space in your garden after the sunset in a funny and distinctive way.

Solar Lights

These hi-tech items include solar panels that collect energy from the sun throughout the day. And as soon as dusk comes the controllers automatically switch on the lights.


Keep in mind that a solar battery lasts only few hours and this may not be enough if you're partying. There is a wide range of options and features for solar lighting, such as solar-powered spotlights, solar table lights or ambient decorative lanterns. For best productivity, install the solar panel in the sunniest area of your garden so that they can be charged at least several hours a day. Remember to clean them regularly with a slightly damp cloth.

Candles and Torches

No matter what you prefer, spectacular torches or delicate lanterns, candles will always produce magnificent flickering light and create romantic and fairy atmosphere. Candles are easy to use and can be placed practically everywhere, yet do not forget about safety. You can hang a candle on a tree, but in this case remember to place it in a deep pot. The wicks should be slightly lower than the edges, this will obviously help to avoid sparks and flame escape from it. Candles and torches should never be left outdoors; bring them in and make certain that they are fireless.

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Paper Lanterns

Beautiful paper lanterns of multiple colors can be now bought almost everywhere, either in your local stores or online. Hang them up in your garden and you will easily get fantastic lighting for an unforgettable party.

Candle Buckets

Mark your pathways with metal containers with sand and tea lights inside and you will get an impressive way to show guests the way through the garden. It is also possible to fill containers with water instead of sand. Let flowers and tea lights float and it will make an indelible impression on your guests.

String up Twinkle Lights

With these small lights that are so well-liked in the streets at Christmas you can organize charming "twinkling lights" around the perimeter of your garden, along fences, tables, etc. Switch your imagination on and there will be no limit for fantasy.

Electric Lights

There are different ways of using electric lamps outdoor. For example you can use the bulbs to light a buffet. One more ingenious solution is to wrap flickering string lights around a tree of column. These lights are usually water and heat-resistant, so you won't have to worry about rain or summer heat. Remember to use plastic hooks with these lights, as metal nails or staples can pierce electric wires. Also, make sure to verify if the label contains a red holographic UL seal that ensures the lights have been thoroughly tested for outdoor use. Rope lights may be used outdoors up to three months. In winter, keep them inside and don't forget to make sure if there are no frayed wires before starting to use them next season.

Battery-Powered Lights

Using these practical and fine-looking devices will grant you this warm dreamy atmosphere of candles with no worry about wind gusts or molten wax. Led candles also suit perfectly for even the most exquisite party table.

Hanging Jars

Mason jars will be a brilliant addition to the your garden lighting design. Wrap them with wire, bend the hooks and then hang them on trees, wires, fence, or any other place in your garden that needs to be highlighted. Filling the jars with sand and tealights will literally bring new life to your garden. If you are in a hurry, you can even not hang them but simply put them down on the grass or along the pathways, or even place them on table. That's another smart and easy way to get this unique fairylike glow and impress your visitors.



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