6 Brilliant Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Lighting

When we start an outdoor decorating for Christmas, first of all we're thinking about creation of an attractive outdoor Christmas lighting. The bright, twinkling, luminous lights on the facade of a house create this unique holiday ambience and make a house look remarkable. Right here we've collected the best ideas for outdoor Christmas lighting that will surely surprise your guests and neighbors.

Let's take a look at these smart and simple ideas of Christmas decoration. Click or tap pictures to enlarge them. Feel free to share pictures on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or your blog (active link to https://certified-lighting.com required).

1. In case if you already have classic lantern posts, simply wrap them in luxuriant garland and bright balls for a delightful holiday look. You may use LED Christmas spheres to make your decoration even more flamboyant and unique.

2. You can add colorful lights to your planter's base to bring a new life to this ordinary item.

3. To make a colorless front entrance look more attractive, dress it up with red and green color scheme. It's always great to outline it with green garland, flashing lights and big red bows, and don't forget to hang a wreath.


4. If you consider wrapping all these never-ending strings of lights around trees too annoying or complicated, you may go with a ready-made solution. There are Christmas trees made of wire with prestrung lights available on the market today. You will be able to install them either indoors or outdoors. They come in different colors and sizes which make it possible to choose natural or unusual look. Find the wide range of such trees in local hardware stores or search online for more exclusive options.

5. Put some few holiday lanterns before the front door to easily create a festive atmosphere. A smart idea is to use battery-powered LED candles instead of regular ones - they will not go out because of wind or snow and are not fire hazardous.

6. One more clever idea is to use Christmas icicle lights. They will make your roofline more colorful and have a lot of options, like color changing. Add beautiful snowflake shaped lights to the roofline to complete the look. To add stylishness and originality to your house, hang long curtain lights along windows.



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