Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors - A Stylish Bathroom Lighting Solution

illuminated bathroom mirrors

illuminated bathroom mirrors

Lighted bathroom mirror is a groundbreaking item that combine a mirror and a source of light into one piece. Proper lighting in bathroom is very important - the light should illuminate the face without casting any unwanted shadows. Lighted mirrors are a perfect choice for this purpose, and besides they are beautiful and stylish, matching almost any modern bathroom design. There are two main types of lighted bathroom mirrors: backlit mirrors and LED illuminated mirrors. The wide range of modern lighted bathroom mirrors will definitely offer something to meet different needs, and some of their capabilities are really amazing and a bit unexpected. Apart from lighting your face during the morning routine, such mirrors can, for example, play your favorite music via Bluetooth or other wireless protocol. There are also mirrors with built-in demister to clean up the glass from steam if someone is taking a hot shower or bath. You'll find mirrors with infra-red sensors to turn the lights on and off. Some mirrors even have a shaver socket. All in all, the benefits of modern hi-tech lighted mirrors are obvious, and we strongly recommend anyone interested to give it a try.

illuminated bathroom mirror
illuminated bathroom mirror

There are LED bathroom mirrors and backlit mirrors. LED mirrors are equipped with highly effective waterproof rated IP44 LED lights. Backlit bathroom mirrors are usually equipped with fluorescent tube lights, that are also waterproof rated IP44. Still, you may find versions with more effective LEDs as well. Some products are equipped with additional features like Bluetooth Audio, demister pads, infra-red sensors, shaver sockets and some more.

Lighted mirrors come in a wide range of styles and designs so any homeowner will easily find the one that perfectly matches the overall theme of a bathroom. Try not to forget about your bathroom theme when you see a beautiful mirror with lots of features as it might ruin the whole design. Buying a modern mirror for a vintage styled bathroom is not a brilliant idea, as well as opting for a gorgeous retro framed mirror for a contemporary and sophisticated interior. These are obvious things, but you'd be surprised if you knew how much people are making this mistake time after time, so it's definitely worth additional attention.

Before buying a lighted mirror, take another look at your bathroom and imagine where the new mirror will be placed. The space available, the other sources of light, the placement of windows and bathroom fixtures will affect the size and shape of a new mirror. A simple rule is that the mirror size should correspond the width of your bathroom vanity or sink. Try some other options with 3D-modeling software, or consult with a professional designer if you prefer unique solutions.

mirror OLED display
mirror OLED display

The most hi-tech product is a mirror OLED display. While inactive, these OLED panels look like conventional mirrors. But when turned on, these "mirrors" can provide various information, and combined with Intel's 3D RealSense cameras their capabilities are almost infinite. For example they can help you in modeling different haircut styles. These mirror displays can become a really interactive device in future, yet it will take some time and require a special software.

Take a look at 6 amazing illuminated bathroom mirrors idas:


Irregulary shaped mirror in a white modern bathroom.


Large mirror with ten square frosted LED lights. It�s all about simplicity.


LED illuminated mirror with the round lights for a double sink vanity in an ultra modern design bathroom.


A long rectangular backlit mirror can be used as a focal point in a bathroom. The extra bonus of placing a large mirror is that it helps optically increase the space of the whole place.


These two eye-catching round adjustable illuminated mirrors complement a spectacular design of this contemporary and classy bathroom.


This 3 Door Mirror Cabinet with LED lighting matches perfectly with the sophisticated airy bathroom. Modern classics.



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